How To Get The Perfect Credit Score 2018

Mr. WIll Roundtree teaches on how to get a perfect credit score in 2018! 0:12 Skip Intro 3:13 Understanding Credit 9:32 The 3 different Credit Bureau's 12:51 What Makes Up A Credit Score 13:34 Payment History 14:54 Goodwill Letter 15:44 Credit Usage 16:42 Revolving Credit 24:45 New Credit 26:11 Authorized User 29:39 Mix Credit 33:53 Length of Credit Key points include: - Utilization. Stay in the 0-10% (30% max) - Payment History. You need a 100% to score "Excellent." - Derogatory Marks - Average Age of Credit History, Total Accounts, and Credit Inquiries - How to achieve a perfect 850 credit score, FICO SCORE Subscribe to our channel: Follow me on IG: Where to apply for Business Funding or Real Estate Coaching: WHY YOU SHOULDN’T PAY OFF YOUR COLLECTION ACCOUNT! TESTIMONIAL VIDEO: More videos here at: