How to Earn Points FAST

Time for some Points 101: People are always asking me how it's possible to earn so many points so fast, as they look towards the business class flights and nice hotels for their next big trip. What's the secret? Well, some methods of earning points are much more effective than others. While it's certainly important to be earning maximum points on every dollar you spend on day-to-day purchases, it's really the credit card signup bonuses, referral bonuses, and shopping portal bonuses that'll truly help you maximize. By nabbing all the welcome bonuses out there (perhaps more than once!), making use of the product-switching technique, getting more "players" in your entourage, and taking advantage of 10x shopping portal bonuses, you'll be racking up the points faster than you can spend them! If you're new to this stuff, read this: More content for travelling the world on points: Join my Prince of Travel Elites group on Facebook! Follow me for updates: