How to Analyze a Real Estate Market in 60 Minutes - Know More than a Local Expert - Neal Bawa

With help from Neal, even beginning real estate investors can learn how to analyze a real estate market in 60 minutes or less... Using free tools that Neal will demonstrate, you can actually learn to do analysis better than the pros. In real estate investing, finding the right city is not enough.. you must also research the best NEIGHBORHOODS. This short, information-packed presentation will show you exactly what you need to do in order to invest better than a LOCAL EXPERT. ✅ Subscribe To The Multifamily Channel: Learn real estate investing the right way at Apartment Magic Bootcamp. Next book camp is coming to a city near you in 2020! 📈 Discover the REAL TRUTH about Multifamily Investing 📈 ------- 🚀 Ready to Invest? Learn about our current projects. You can do that here: 📈 ------- 🚀 Attend Our Free Local Meetups - 📈 ------- 🚀 NO COST "Real Estate Trends Toolkit: 📈 ------- 🚀 Check it out! Neal's Amazing MAGIC OF MULTIFAMILY Boot Camp: 💡 Join our Facebook Group, The Magic of Multifamily Connect Us On All The Social Places ------- 🔴 Facebook: 🔴 LinkedIn: 🔴 Visit out podcast library: NEW: Refine your expertise even further! Join the hundreds of people who have discovered and taken Neal's highly-reviewed "Apartment Magic" boot camp. Learn more at: