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Watch the Updated Tutorial Here: Print On-Demand Quickstart Playlist: How I Make Top Selling Tshirt Designs: PART 2 VIDEO: My New Favorite T-Shirt Design Tool: My New Favorite Keyword Finder Tool: Print On-Demand Startup Checklist: Free Online Business Training: How To Find The Best T-Shirt Niches: How To Make Great T-Shirt Designs: How To Create Tshirt Designs That Sell - Teespring Tutorial Share this video with a friend: Table Of Contents: 0:49 Finding A Profitable Niche 4:38 Finding Tshirt Design Ideas 7:05 Copyright and Trademark 9:00 Creating The Design 15:30 Initial Uploading To Teespring 17:49 Choosing Colors 18:34 Setting The Price 19:27 Adding Styles 20:40 Campaign Title 22:10 Campaign Description 23:53 Campaign Thumbnail 24:11 Campaign URL 24:24 Storefront Links Mentioned: Copyright Video: How To Get The First Tshirt Sales: Copyright Examples: Title Optimization: Copy Paste Description: #Teespring This is one of the biggest Teespring videos I've ever made and it is jam packed with golden nuggets. ___ Tools And Resources 🛠 Print On-Demand Quickstart Playlist 💻 Highly Recommended T-Shirt Tools 💻 Full Print On-Demand Tutorial 🎓 T-Shirt Design/Mockup Tool 👕 [15% OFF] T-Shirt Niche Research Tool 🚀 Placeit Tutorials 💻 Recommended VPN (3 Months Free!) 💻 Make A WIX Website 💻 Make A WordPress Website 💻 Affiliate Marketing Niche Research Tool 💻 Affiliate Marketing Video Maker Tool 📹 Affiliate-Friendly Email Provider 📬 Recommended Online Courses 🎓 My Most Recommended Books 📚 Get 1 Free Audible Audiobook 📚 ___ Are You Making Money Online? 🤔 FREE Course [7 Ways To Make Money Online] 💰 ___ Want more Greg Gottfried? 🙌 Subscribe For Future Videos ⭐ ___ How To Create Tshirt Designs That Sell - Teespring Tutorial